Meet the Team

We are people who deeply care about people. And we believe that friends are much better off together - helping each other. When we come together with a common purpose, we can achieve so much more.

Jessica Jessup
Jessica & Brian Jessup
Tim Schilling
Tim Schilling
Andy Sammons
Andy Sammons
Dayse Macias
Dayse Macias


These are a few of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see an answer you are looking for here, or you need more information about Giftovus, please contact us.

What is Giftovus?

Giftovus is a way to be a part of your friends’ lives. Every idea posted to Giftovus is an invitation to friends to collaborate and share their thoughts - whether you have a question, are planning a trip to somewhere new, or are searching for the right product.

Where did the idea come from?

Co-founders Brian and Jessica Jessup are thoughtful people. They like to support their friends and be a part of their lives. While the existing social networks made it convenient to ‘keep up to date’ with people, they noticed a couple of problems:

  • There wasn’t a place to be a part of, to truly share in, life with friends. The existing apps felt like spectating on someone’s life, which doesn’t give much room to grow closer with that person.

  • When we shared insights with friends, there was no way to carry our shared knowledge forward. Ever add a comment with a link to an awesome something that solves a friend’s problem on Facebook? What if that tidbit of brilliance was shared (instantly) to all of your close friends with the same problem?

  • Solving the above would require special privacy features that either don’t exist or are terribly inconvenient elsewhere.

What's with the name?

We believe that the best gifts are gifts of time, love and knowledge. And every gift you give is meant to bring you a little closer together with someone and put a smile on their face. When we make time to get together and trade stories with friends, it’s really a gift of us to each other. We liked the sound of that so we combined those words together.